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Too weak to reverse but holding 6m-5M, which suit do you open with?

There seems to be some debate about this.  I am curious to hear what people do when they do not have enough points to make a reverse but do have enough to open at the one level and are given the opportunity to open the bidding.

Suppose you have a six-Card minor and a five-card major.  Which suit do you open with?

Does your decision change if you are strong enough to make a reverse bid?

With 6m-5M and opening values (but too weak to reverse), I open 1M BUT if I am strong enough to reverse, open 1m.
With 6m-5M and opening values, I always open 1m, even if I am too weak to make a reverse bid.
With 6m-5M and opening values, I always open 1M.
None of these options describe how I choose to bid with 6m-5M and opening values.

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