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There are various tools out there to show two-suited hands.  For those who aren't hung up on showing specific suits, one popular treatment is Raptor.  This tends to solve problems where you have clubs and the other major and allows you to dump ELC after your takeout doubles.

But there is another class of problems that come up where many imps are available:


Say you hold: 

Axx  Kxxxx x AQxx 


RHO opens 1.  There is nothing to do other than bid 2.  A fair amount of the time, you'll come out fine.  Sometimes it will be expensive (you can hope for a push.)


Make the hand weaker:


Axx Jxxxx x Axxx


Very few people would  overcall 2 here, even at favorable vulnerability.  


Check out this shiny new convention -- Torpar!


Now we can overcall 1NT - showing 5 cards in the other major and a 4+ card minor.   Our 2M overcalls guarantee 6+ cards in the suit.  You can freely raise with two!

Not only do we have the opportunity to bail in 1NT or 2m, but our game bidding is much more accurate -

We now have a fitted invite for the major at 2.  (Note, they also get a fitted invite below 2 of their major at 2)

Not only can we more safely bid with the weaker hand above, but we can decline a game invite by 2.


Fully compatible with power doubles or takeout doubles.  


But wait, there's more!


Would you play this over 1?  Of course you can.  1NT for 5, 4+m, 2 6+ spades, intermediate.  

That makes 1 either a 4-card suit or 5332.  Partner will be safe correcting to his own 5-card suit.  You might even call that a takeout spade.  In fact, it is possible to have a similar agreement about a 2 overcall of an opposing 1.  


Also, we now free up 1M - 2M, as our Michaels go to 1N.  The two most likely candidates to fill that spot are

1)  Strong 3-suited takeout


2) 4M, 6+minor (regaining the Raptor hand)


Early simulations have been very promising.  

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