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Tournament Site Horror Stories

I was inspired to post this by reading the posts in the Memphis thread about the construction, jackhammers, etc.

Our neighboring unit, Colorado Springs, had been searching for a sectional site for quite some time. At one point they found a building that was a former car sales place. Good parking Smile, good location, but a couple of drawbacks discovered only in the moment.

The unit didn't rent the whole space, so during the first sectional, there was an auction going on in the other half, complete with microphone and booming-voiced announcer. During the second sectional, there was a cat show in the other half, so everybody with a cat allergy was sneezing all weekend. The third and last time, there was a thunderstorm with violent rain (maybe even hail) striking the metal roof. This started up just as the first session of the two-session pairs got underway. People sat there, stunned beyond thought and action by the noise. Eventually the directors came around with refunds, and we all went home.

No more sectionals there.

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