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Transfer Advance into Partner's Suit: Limit or Constructive?

Its mostly summarized in the subject line, but curious about how people like to treat the transfer into overcaller's suit. For example (1) 1 p 2. It seems like some play that as constructive and some play it as limit+. Would also love pointers to discussions about the pros and cons, my google fu has thus far failed to find much.

I had been playing it as limit+, but am finding that I have a constructive/good raise a lot more often than I have a limit and am starting to ponder suggesting a switch. It certainly makes it a lot easier on partner to know that I have some values when the opps compete to the 3 level and would make it easier to find the red card when appropriate. On the flipside, you lose the ability to show a limit while staying at the 2 level.

Curious as to everyone's thoughts/opinions/approach/research


A transfer to partner's suit should be:

In between (maybe 9+)
Other (please describe below)

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