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Currently transfers over 1 are not permitted in general chart events. I don't get it. Some have said that they cause problems for the opponents. How is that different from transfers over 1NT? In fact the opponents get two bites at the apple at a lower level. They can double to show the suit and cue for takeout or use a double/cuebid to show two different types of take out. 

Consider you have AKxxx of hearts and the bidding goes 1 - P - 1 (spades) to you. You get to double on a hand that you would not bid on over a natural 1 bid.

It was my impressions that conventions were moved to the general chart when played by a large enough group of people or were not considered destructive.  If my local club has granted us permission perhaps it's time to be move to general convention chart.


Transfers over 1 should not be allowed except in Super Chart events.
Transfers over 1 should kept Mid Chart and above
Transfers should be allowed in general chart events for flight A/x and top flight of KOs only
Transfers should allowed in all general chart events.

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