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Transfers to 1 Club now allowable in ACBL Open / Open+ Charts even if not Strong & Artificial

Some books focusing on transfers in my Bridge Library:

The Transfer Principle, Brian Senior, 1986, 124 pages.

Extra Length Transfer Bids, Krzysztof Martens, 2006, 107 pages.

Transfer Responses to One Club with Relays, Lyle Poe, 2019, 159 pages.

Poe's book is the latest addition to my Bridge Library and I was happy to learn that transfers are now allowed (Nov. 2018) to ALL opening one-bids in ACBLand (Open / Open+ Charts only). Previously they were allowed only over NT openings and over Strong 1 in the G.C.C.  Yes, Transfer Advances have been allowed in response to overcalls for several years and Namyats uses transfers to a major at the 4-level.

Thanks to the C&C Committee for unleashing transfers and 1NT game forcing on those of us who have been hoping for such a change for years. We appreciate this innovation to further our design ideas.

Anyway, Lyle Poe's new book (the previous one was The Millennium Club, 2002, 183 pages), updates his methods with Transfer Responses over 1 and 1NT G.F. relay responses to all one-bids in a suit.

I will be using this design in one of my local partnerships immediately.

Yes, Transfer Walsh and Polish Club (?) has/have been playing something similar for years in mid-chart events in ACBLand and elsewhere.

Here are Poe's responses to 1:

1: 4+, or 4-4 in the majors

1: 4+, or 5 + 4, or 5-5 in the majors

1: Artificial & none of the above or below, balanced or unbalanced.

1NT: G.F. Relay

2: G.F. with  primary

2: G.F. & 5-5 in the minors

2: WJS with 6

2; WJS with 6

2NT: G.I. 11-12 Balanced (Because Poe now uses a 15-17 opening 1NT)

3: WJS with 6

3: WJS with 6

3: Shortage in  with  support, G.F.

3: Shortage in  with  support, G.F.

3NT: 13-15 Balanced

I welcome comments from anyone who has played something similar as to their likes, dislikes, or improvements.  Thanks, BW. :) 

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