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Transfers when partner overcalls and they raise

When partner overcalls, and RHO raise the opening suit to the two-level, space is scarce. Could this be a case for transfers?


2NT = Clubs.

3 = Diamonds.

3 = Invite+ heart raise.

3 = Competitive raise.

3 = Slam try.

4 = Fit show.

Currently in the above auction me and partner plays 2NT as invite+  with hearts, and 3m as non-forcing. The treatment above gives you forcing alternatives when holding a minor (or non-forcing alternatives, if you currently play 3m as forcing). A downside is that the heart invite has less space, compared to 2NT.

When partner overcalls at the one level there's more space available, but maybe transfers could still be an option?


2 = Simple raise.

2NT = Clubs.

3 = Diamonds.

3 = Opening values+ raise.

3 = Limit raise.

3 = Preemptive.

4 = Fit show.

Currently in the above auctioon me and partner plays 2NT as the opening values raise, and 3 as a limit raise. 3m would be non-forcing. Our reasoning for such a strong raise here (compared to say limit+ and a mixed raise) is that partner's overcall may be light at the one-level. With transfers you  once again get more options when  holding a minor, but one of the raises gets higher.

What do you think? Have you tried something like this? We currently play about the same when partner opens and they overcall with 2//, but then use mixed/limit+ instead of opening+ and limit.

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