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Trick 1 Pause, Platinum Pairs

I was not there. I was not involved.

But I do agree that a thread separate from the congratulatory thread is the place where it should be discussed.

So here it is.

Platinum Pairs Finals, Board 12. Final Contract 3NT W, Opening Lead 3:


Here is a cut and paste from Barry Rigal (second place finish) commentary on the Congratulatory Thread:

I don't think the appeal was especially controversial.

The facts were fortunately not in dispute since there were cameras. Zia had Q8 in hand facing A1076 and after the opening lead against 3NT of the 4 in that suit he took by my count 15 seconds to play from dummy (there appeared to be conversation/byplay going on but that doesn't really affect the issue).

spots approx.


KJ943/1095/1074/J7 52/Q764/K62/10984


I timed the play to trick one now by third hand at taking 34 seconds; others may be more accurate but than me. I'm pretty good at mentally judging to a second or two...

Zia now had many choices in the play but 10 top tricks and an endplay for 11. He misread the position in this suit and I believe finished up with fewer than 10 tricks. (I'll correct this if necessary later).

Kevin Rosenberg in third seat had indicated some problems at trick one. As I saw it, he took the ♠2 out after 15 seconds and never changed his mind, but he put it back at the end of his hand while thinking, then maybe did that a second time). We all know he is a thoughtful and even and agonizing player. I'm sure Zia took that into account but he would never have taken fewer than 10 tricks if the tempo hadn't persuaded him otherwise.

A painful way to finish second but I saw the video and I understand why Zia appealed. I'd surely have done the same as him and even the smallest of adjustment would have taken him back in front.

I am fairly sure without the tempo break he would have achieved a better result on the board than he did and the margin was initially smaller than 1 MP at the time with a top 13.

I could have understood a ruling of no adjustment; but any adjustment would as it turns out surely have been enough to overturn the result.

(What really peeves me is that I was probably one of the only players in the room not to have a Stayman auction and STILL received the lead of Rusinow ♥9 promising the 10 but saying nothing about the ♥Q. For maybe the first time in my life I guessed this particular suit by ducking to freeze it, finessed in diamonds and won the club return to play three more rounds of the suit. My RHO now erred by exiting in hearts rather than diamonds so I was back to 10 tricks. Had he played a diamond I guess I would have run the suit and squeezed my LHO down to two spades and two hearts for the endplay but frankly I'm not sure.)

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