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Trivia quiz: how high (or low) will you go?
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At the bar round the corner from where I live, the last question in the quiz takes the following format.

You hear one clue, and can hand in your paper if you want. If right you get 6 points.

You can wait for clue two and hand in your paper and get 4 points.

A total of three more clues are available, for 3, 2, or 1 point. (I've added a little more to the last clue.)

But you only get one try; get it wrong, and you get zero.

So let's try it. Identify the bridge player.

Clue one The name in crossword terms is 3, 10

Clue two

This player has many national titles to his credit

He left his native country relatively early in life and established himself as a teacher and authority in his new country.

Filling in part of the name...


_ _ _ 


C _ _ _ E R _ _ O _


He was born in South Africa.



The partner with whom he had the most success now plays for Malaysia.)


Please don't give away the answer but you can indicate how many marks you got in a post!

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