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Champions of Bridge and Chess Showing Sportsmanship

The world No 1, Magnus Carlsen, took the World Blitz Chess Championship with an impressing 17 out of 21-point win. It was a record-breaking win, the 4thBlitz title and the 10th world title won by Magnus Carlsen. He is the first player to pass thru theBlitz Chess Championship without losing any of the 21 games.He was leading the event with 2 games to go. His opponent was late. Carlsen asked the referee to wait for his opponent to be seated, but rules must be followed so they started the clock.

With 1,30 out of 3 min left his opponent had to start the game with only 2/3 of the time left. Carlsen could have taken advantage and claimed the trophy with 1 round left to play, instead he accepted a draw after a few moves. He didn’t feel good to claim the title taking advantage of such a happening.

Magnus Carlsen won the last game after 20 moves claiming the title ½ point ahead of Jan-Krzysztof Duda.

A true gentleman if you ask me, he wanted to win fair and so he did.

We have had similar happenings in bridge,

Boye Brogelandfighting for victory, let his opponent take back a card he lost on the table during the play at the 2018 European Team Championships. If he had claimed it as a played card, he would have beaten a slam, instead his opponent made the slam.

Afterward it turned out not only to be the right ethical move by Brogeland, the rules tell us that cards, 9 or lower, that are not intended to be played can be taken back. Not many of us knew about this rule, neither did Brogeland.

There are more examples of Brogeland showing great sportsmanship, he is stepping up showing the rest of us the way.

Just like Carlsen, Brogeland won the title. They are both great champions showing the rest of us how to play the game.

It is all about putting the game in front of yourself. Sometimes it can be tempting to take advantage of happenings, it is up to you to do the right thing.

I hope 2019 brings more greatsportsmanship to our game, lets learn from the champs!

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