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True North American Championships Coming

In odd-numbered years, starting in 2019, the ACBL’s three North American Bridge Championships will only be open to ACBL members who live in North America and are eligible to represent either the United States, Canada, or Mexico in international competition. During even-numbered years NABCs will be open to all, and we anticipate these tournaments will become de facto world championships. To that end, as of 2019 the ACBL and USBF are leaving the WBF and will cease paying membership dues. The USBF will no longer send teams to compete in the Bermuda Bowl or other WBF-hosted world championships.

The past 20 years have seen a significant increase in foreign attendance at NABCs. After considerable discussions with top players, volunteers, and directors, we have decided this is not always best for our resident members. Using the European Bridge League’s championships as a model, we want to both protect our players and institutions and offer a great championship for the entire world. We have come up with a compromise that we think will appeal to everyone.

We are excited by this new era in bridge, and we look forward to continuing to put on the best tournaments in the world. North Americans, let’s get ready for a true North American Championship in 2019. As for the rest of the world, we’ll see you in 2020!

Robert Hartman, CEO, ACBL
Martin Fleisher, President, USBF

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