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Truscott Cards, Cheating and ACBL - you can do better!

It occured to me that the Truscott cards are an easily exploitable opportunity for collusive cheating.  You actually have a chance to send a written message to your teammates about the boards you just played.  


For example, an easy way to do so would be to code whether or not to bid slams.  Use a pen and don't bid any slams.  Pencil there is one.  All caps there are two or more.

Obviously there are many ways for unethical players to exploit this weakness in the system.  



1)  Pre-printed cards

2) The director or caddy fills out the card

or, best,

it is an NABC where they are charging an arm and a leg.  How about we get hand records and each table gets its own set of boards.  No passing cards.  No shuffle/deal/play.  


ACBL, you can do better!  USBF does not have this weakness.

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