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Twas the night before Chennai.....
  1. “TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHENNAI”(with all due respect to Clement Clarke Moore)

A fortnight till Chennai, throughout the bridge world,

The teams were preparing, their banners unfurled.

They practiced and studied their notes with great care,

And hoped for a medal they proudly would wear.

When throughout the world there arose such a clatter,

I logged on to find out just what was the matter.

I leapt from my bed, and put on some shorts,

To read of the scandal of Fisher and Schwartz.

A few more days passed, Boye threatened with violence,

As evidence surfaced their answer was silence.

When, what to our wondering eyes should appear,

More news from Boye Brogland, the next cheating pair.

Fantoni and Nunes, of Monaco fame,

Colluded and cheated, but now brought to shame.

Then Smirnov and partner, midst whispers of more,

Three nations withdrew ‘fore a card hit the floor.

“Now Britain! now, Sweden! Now China and France!

"On Denmark! On Finland! You all have a chance.

To the top of the groups, to the top of the list!

The cheaters were banished, not one will be missed.

And then in less time than it takes for a quickie,

Another pair outed, Zmudzinski-Balicki.

Their teammates, alas, were allowed to compete,

The turmoil continued, the protests were fleet.

But now in a twinkling, I hear on the rooftop,

The voice of Boye Brogeland, the bridge super cop.

No need he would tell us, to be so forlorn,

Once cheaters are ousted there’ll be a new dawn.

A game to be played on a nice level field,

With strong overseers, their axes to wield.

We’ll take back the trophies, and white out the name,

Of “winners” who cheated and filled us with shame.


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