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Two Montreal bridge clubs cancel Worldwide pairs game

This year, the Worldwide pairs (formerly known as Epson) will not feature a booklet with analysis (in the past, Shariff or Kokish had graced us with the commentary) and the results will be available online from Ecats.  The fee for participation was reduced from 13 US$ to 8 US$ per table.


It seems like the ACBL still asks 13 US$ per table, and so Le Mirage and Bridge Quebec, two of the leading clubs in the greater Montreal area have decided not to hold this year's competition.


As someone who has participated in the past @ the towers competition ( Epson played @ CN tower, Eiffel tower, olympic stadium and many more places ) and a long-time fan of the WW pairs, I find this alarming.


 I totally support the clubs' protest and action, mind you, but I don't understand why ACBL would insist on charging the same amount with a product that loses a lot of it s appeal.


Normand Houle aka

Noodle on OKB BBO 

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