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Two way finesse.

In this thread [url=]You be the Comittee[/url] James Vickers posed the problem of adjusting for a two-way finesse after it was determined that the opponents have given misinformation. He posed that in a slam setting but the same problem occurs in a game or even a partscore. I want to expand that scenario.

1. Assume there is established MI and it is accepted that the MI prevented the opponents of getting to some contract.

2. Assume that the contract depends on a two way finesse for a queen. Further assume that at least a priori there is no clear cut wrong direction to take this finesse.

The problem is how do you adjust the score. The current laws seem to require a weight score of a correct guess and an incorrect guess. But consider the following addition.

3. Assume that the contract has been bid and made at the other table.

Now if the board had played out without the MI we would have had a tied board or a loss depending on a guess.

Is it really fair to award a weighted score meaning that the non-offenders will lose IMPs when they might not have if the board had been played out?

Please select up to 2 choices.

No. Adjust the score to 100% making so there is no loss.
Yes. Adjust the score to somewhere between 50% and 100% making for a small loss.
Yes. Adjust the score to exactly 50% making.
Yes. Adjust the score to less than 50% making.
The ubiquitous other.

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