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UGH?!! Memphis Item 191-13 Jane Johnson Club Appreciation Games

Item 191-13: Jane Johnson Club Appreciation Games  

Chapter VI – Club Sanctioned Games, D. Club Championships and Special Events

4.3.1 October has been designated as Club Appreciation Month. During this month, club managers may run TWO <one> Club Appreciation Pair Gameand one Club Appreciation Team Game in place of a regularly scheduled session.  [italic = deleted]


Just one more abdication for IMP play in our clubs.

The Club Appreciation Team Game in October is one of the rare opportunities to earn GOLD (albeit fractional) points in your home club.

Because it's easier to run pair games than team games the number of October CAPr tables dwarfs that of the CA Team games.


Because we SO enjoy offering extra masterpoints at no extra fee  let's  recognize how poor the ACBLScore program is for club owners/directors/mgrs who might not have much experience running  small table count team games and just let clubs  have an extra pair game.

I find this motion  an admittance of failure.  At least require the second game to be scored as IMP pairs or do justice to the concept of CLUB APPRECIATION and run the second game league-wide with IMP scoring and a booklet with hand discussion on the differences between matchpoint and imp play.  

Better yet would be to send out information sheets to clubs wanting/willing to run a league wide Club App. Tm Game that explains how to easily set up a team game with 3-9 tables with step by step instructions.  BAM-style, Thurner, and other movements aren't that hard to run.

And more better yet:  offer a higher % of GOLD in the scoring.

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