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(UN) Sportsmanlike Dumping in the ACBL and the NFL

There has been much discussion on here and many other places about "sportsmanlike dumping" in bridge. What it means is, rather than going all out for the win, a team intentionally losing (or winning by less than they could) or two teams intentionally tying when it is to their advantage.

Normally, after much back and forth as to whether or not this is "ethical", many agree that it would be best if the conditions of contest did not allow the situation to arise.

Curiously, next Sunday a situation easily could occur in the NFL (National Football League) which seems equivalent (to a point).

This will happen, if first, the Washington Redskins win their game at 4:30 next Sunday. If that happens, then the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions could ensure that both get into the end-of-year playoffs for the league championship if they tie their game at 8:30. If one team wins, the other team would be out.

What do you think would happen if the teams agreed to not play and turn in a 0-0 tie or played the game, just going through the motions to cause the end result to be some sort of tie? :)

This situation has mainly occurred because the two teams are in the same division and the division winner automatically goes to the playoffs.

A change to the NFL conditions of contest that would make this situation much less likely would be to not have teams from the same division playing each other the last week of the season. However, the tendency is actually the opposite. It is felt that games between division rivals are desirable at the end of the season. :)

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