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Very Unusual Notrump

I don't often play club bridge.  But the qualifying of the North American Pairs requires playing at the club, so there I was yesterday.

My partner and I sat down for the last round against a nice older couple.  I do not recall playing against them before.  My LHO was the dealer and opened 1.  My partner bid 2NT, and my RHO asked what that meant.  I told him it was the Unusual Notrump, showing hearts and clubs.  The opponents seemed genuinely surprised by my explanation.  "Unusual Notrump over a minor suit opening?"  I showed them the convention card where there is a box for two lowest unbid suits for an Unusual Notrump overcall.  They still seemed genuinely surprised, and one of them made a comment about 2NT being some fancy expert bid.

Is it just me, or is this a common state of affairs?

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