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Update on ACBL Position on Multi Two Diamonds

Prior to the Orlando National, I provided the Chairman of the ACBL Convention Committee, Tom Carmichael, with a letter giving some of the reasons that Multi Two Diamond openers should be reinstated for use in ACBL National pair events. Tom asked and I provided for the pages of signatures I got during my solicitations at last summer’s New Orleans National. Tom informed me that, due to a crowded agenda, this item was not explicitly addressed in Orlando. Tom indicated that he thought the committee would resist a change to allow Multi in secondary events. Since I never asked that Multi be reinstated on a general basis, that comment does not address the issue I raised.

If you believe that Multi 2 Diamonds should be reinstated, please let Tom know at your earliest convenience -- definitely prior to the upcoming Louisville nationals. Even if you are neutral on Multi or its general use, I urge you to contact Tom in support of Multi’s reinstatement in National pair events. Our National events have truly become world events in the past 15 years. To be so out of step with the rest of the bridge-playing world is wrong on several counts. First, it displays a type of arrogance that foreigners too often associate with Americans. Second, Multi is a constructive convention that has many common tenets with other evolutionary bidding advances over the past 50 years. Third, it gives a chance to practice against Multi in high-level events.

In the bigger picture, I view the strongest argument for the ACBL to encourage commonly adopted expert practices, whether it be Multi or some other bidding tool, in supposed expert events. If you feel as I do that the Conventions Committee overstepped in rescinding Multi from National Pair events, please send Tom an email at either and/or Tom is a good guy and will be happy to pass along any sentiments you have in this regard to his committee.

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