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Upgrades or not?

you are playing SA 2/1 with normal 15-17 hcp NT.  You KNOW that almost no one at the local club would ever upgrade or downgrade anything ever, unless Richie Schwartz and his posse stop by.  But you have never beat to the common drum, occasionally upgrading a super 14 (not just good, but worth 15 in your opinion) as well as upgrading fine 17s out of 1NT and super 19s into your 20-21 2NT.  Here are 3 14 hcp hands.  Do you upgrade or not?  If my partner can remember, when he announces the NT range as 15-17 he uses the word "ostensibly."  Partners are encouraged to treat my 1NT openers as 15-17 with responsibility for variances "on me."  When asked what "ostensibly" means he states that I might occasionally upgrade a super-14 or downgrade a terrible 18. 

1. J10x Ax AQ10xx Kxx

2. Xx A109x AK10x Kxx

3. Qxx xx AKQJx Qxx

1. Only
2. Only
3. Only
All three

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