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Upside Down Questions

A partner wants to play Upside Down Attitude along with Lavinthal on the first discard. I've agreed since that's what he is comfortable with.

(1) I haven't been able to find anything on upside down signals that discusses honor signals. Am I correct that the King, Queen and Jack are unaffected, they show a singleton or the next lower honor? What about the ten?

(2) Most who play Upside Down Attitude seem to also play Upside Down Count. Any technical reason for this? This partner has not been used to giving count; I've asked him to try to do that when declarer leads a suit. Seems like we might as well play UDC along with UDA.

I'm trying to get him to think about attitude signals in terms of the obvious shift rather than just the suit being led. Playing standard signals, I feel an obvious low card is virtually a demand for a specific shift, while a come-on signal is somewhat neutral. On discarding, I mostly discard low cards in suits I can afford to and have no great desire to have led; occasionally I can afford a high card as an explicit "lead this" signal.

(3) Playing UDA, would you consider the low card a strong signal and a high one more neutral, or vice-versa? I'm sure the correct answer is "it depends", but I think I need a default rule.

(4) Similarly with Lavinthal, should the "don't want this" message be dominant, or "I prefer that"? Example: I throw the 9 of diamonds at a spade contract, is it near certain I want a heart, or is the primary signal don't lead a diamond?

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