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US Seniors Awarded Gold Medal at the 2013 Senior Bowl

The WBF announced today that the German Senior team was disqualified from the 2013 d'Orsi Seniors Trophy andstripped of their Gold medals and World Championship title. This decision stems from the WBF's priorcheating conviction of the German pairWladow and Elinescuin March of this year. Eddie Wold's fantastic detective workwas largely responsible for breaking the pair's code and providing concrete evidence that could convict the pair.

As part of this recent decision, the teams that finished second (USA), third (Poland), and fourth(France) were elevated to first, second, and third places, respectively,awarding them the relevant Medals, Titles, Trophies, and WBF Master Points. This decision was reached after an 18-1 vote (with 4 abstentions) of the WBF Board.

Congratulations to USA 2(Carolyn Lynch, Eddie Wold, Roger Bates, Mike Passell, Garey Hayden, Marc Jacobus, NPC Donna Compton) on their victory!

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