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USA-2 Diary, Day 5

This was really a depressing day.  We lost a close match to CANADA, got blitzed more or less by MONACO in a match where if a few cards had been different, we could have blitzed them, and then won a close match against SOUTH AFRICA.

But we still have a chance.  We're in 13th place, 22 behind China in 8th.  The only good thing is that of the last 6 matches, 4 are against 6 of the bottom teams, NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA, INDIA, and BAHRAIN.   Then we have two matches against teams who are close to us and fighting for a qualifying spot, INDONESIA and ENGLAND.  ENGLAND, in particular, is in 9th place, 19 VP ahead of us, so we have to beat them soundly or it will be hard to qualify.
ITALY, MONACO, USA-1, POLAND, and THE NETHERLANDS now look like locks.  I keep expecting JAPAN to fade but they are in 5th place so maybe not. GERMANY and CHINA are in 7th and 8th and are the teams we have some realistic chance of catching.  We need, at an absolute minimum, 85 VP out of 120 in the last 6 matches, and 90 VP to have a reasonable chance.  100 would be better, of course.  
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