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USA-2 Diary, Day 6 - Still Alive

We had a pretty good day today, sort of the minimum that we needed to have a reasonable chance. We scored a slightly disappointing 14.4 VP against a weak NEW ZEALANDteam, then 13 against INDONESIA, and then a nice 18.6 against AUSTRALIA(the only match Michael and I played today). So yesterday I said that I thought 90 VP over 2 days would do it and we got 46 today. Even 40 tomorrow would give us a shot. We play ENGLANDin the first match, which is now 6th 19 ahead of us. But then we play BAHRAIN, which is in last place, and then INDIAin 18th. Even JAPANin 4th place is only 24 ahead, but they play 3 of the best teams. So a reasonable shot, but it's too bad that we have put ourselves in this position.

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