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USA 2 for the Damiani Cup

Congratulation to Burke Snowden, Ben Kristensen, Hakan Berk, and David Soukup, who won a very close (141-136) 64-board match Sunday to become USA2, in the under 21 division, for the 14th World Youth Bridge Team Championships in Taicang, China, this summer. The winners, all 13 and 14-years old, prevailed against strong opposition from Arjun Dhir, Brandon Harper, Ricoh Das, and Matthew Weingarten. After adding a pair, team SNOWDEN will compete in China for the Damiani Cup. The other American team, USA1, is Adam Kaplan, Zach Brescoll, Adam and Zach Grossack, and Andrew and Richard Jeng.

The U.S. will also send two teams to the Patino Cup, for players under 26 years old. USA1 is Roger Lee, Mitch Towner, Kevin Dwyer, and Owen Lien (plus a pair to be named), with Joel Wooldridge as NPC. USA2 is Jimmy Wang, Zizhuo Wang, Lee Jin, Erli Zhou, Stephen Drodge, and a player to be named. The U.S. has not yet selected its team for the Rona Cup, which is for young women under 26.

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