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USA Venice Cup team member (Migry) denied visa to Indonesia?

*** EDIT Aug 16th 2013 ****

According to Migry's facebook post ( she got the visa, and I would like to congratulate her and USBF on this. Good luck at the Venice Cup. 

Obviously these good news override the original, earlier, post (cited bellow). I was not able to edit the title of the post.



In continuation to the much debated saga of Israeli women team unable to attend Venice Cup, covered in several posts and facebook threads, comes a new development - according to Susan Culham and Roland Wald, Migry Zur Campanile has been denied visa to Indonesia  ( The obvious suspected reason is her Israeli citizenship. No comment from WBF so far.

This poses a question of how is USBF to react? Roland suggested that an adequate response would be withdraw of all USA teams from World Championships - something that hopefully will make WBF move the event to a more hospitable country. Such development is definitely a possible one (and personally I would welcome it with all my heart) - but I can't help noticing that it would also emphasize an uncomfortable fact - All teams are equal, but some teams are more equal than others. 

In any case, I do not envy the WBF - but they absolutely deserve this headache.



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