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USBF Invitational 2 in August

The USBF will hold a second USBF Invitational August 8-10 and 14-16. The format of the event will be similar to INV1: a Round Robin to reduce the field to 8 teams for Quarterfinal, Semifinal and Final KO matches. 

Unlike INV1, which was limited to teams that had entered the 2020 Open USBC, this event is open to all USBF Active members. To be a USBF Active member a person must have paid 2020 USBF dues and be a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident of the United States whose application for resident membership has been accepted by the USBF Board. If you are not yet a USBF Active member, and are a US citizen, you can join the USBF as an Active Member by going to, clicking on “Join” in the upper right of any page, completing the registration form, and paying dues (USBF dues are $50 per year or $130 for 3 years; junior dues are lower). If you are a permanent US resident, you will also need to complete the Resident Member application.

INV2 will be limited to 16 teams. Entries are now open and will close when 16 teams have entered or on July 18th. If an odd number of teams has entered by July 18th, one additional team will be accepted.  

If there are 16 teams in INV2, each Round Robin match will be 11 boards long. If there are 12 or 14 teams in INV2, each Round Robin match will be 13 boards long. If there are 10 or fewer teams in INV2, the Round Robin will be 2 days long, and the event will run for 5 days in a row, starting on August 8th. 

We’re not trying to provide enhanced security for this event, as we do when we have official championship events online. However, players have the same ethical obligations in this event as in USBCs, and they are subject to the same potential penalties. If an expert committee finds that any player covertly communicated with his/her partner or unethically obtained information about any other player's hand, the player will be subject to discipline, which may include suspension or expulsion from the USBF.

There will be no real time kibitzers allowed for any of this event. We hope that BBO will have developed a way for us to have kibitzers with a delay. If not, we will show as many tables as we can on BBO Vugraph with a delay. 

For additional information about this event, or to enter, go to

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