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Using Finger Counting Technique

Mark Lombard's request for recommendations about improving his counting reminded me of a notion I once had of using finger counting (chisenbop) as a technique. Law 40.C.3 allows the Regulating Authority (RA, e.g. ACBL, EBU) to permit memory aids. Note: it is stuck in a weird place that suggests it applies to remembering your own methods, not to all bridge situations, but I assume that was simply bad authoring and it should have been placed in the proprieties (Law 74).

It seems to me there are two reasonable arguments, 1) finger counting is an artificial memory aid; and 2) finger counting does not use an external device and is not substantially different than mnemonics or other internal memory aids.

How do you feel your RA should regulate finger counting? How does your RA actually regulate it?

Should be permitted if unobtrusive.
Should be prohibited.
Unfair to players with disabilities such as advanced arthritis.
Why worry about kid stuff?

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