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Valet Score published

The Valet Score is an improved Butler score score that produces separate scores for bidding, play and defense (including the lead separately). I introduced it here:

Following the interest, I’ve turned it into an open-source C++ project with a fair amount of documentation. It can all be found here:

If you just want the discussion, get “Valet Principles.pdf” here:

If you just want the results from many top tournaments including recent Bermuda Bowls, Venice Cups, European Championships, Mind Sports games and Polish league games, start here and then click on the pdf files in each directory:

If you want the code, it’s there. It is released both as a stand-alone program that can analyze an entire tournament, and as a library (DLL) that can be called to analyze a single hand.

If you want to fix and extend stuff – well, that’s what Github is there for.

If you want to port the code into your scoring program, or if you know people who might, I’d be very happy. If you want to include Valet without porting the code, you can use the DLL.

Thanks to the commenters on the earlier post, and and particularly to Thorvald Aagaard. Thorvald has not only read drafts of the documentation. He has also tested both the stand-alone program and the DLL, made many suggestions, found bugs, and provided the Visual Studio set-up.

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