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Vegetarian/Vegan eating options in Memphis

Has anyone found any vegetarian/vegan-friendly places to eat? This is something I would have hoped to see in the restaurant guide, particularly in a city that prides itself on its food (and future NABC restaurant guides take note - having a vegetarian on your committee would be nice).

But even in a city with a heavily meat-based cuisine, there are going to be a few ribs places that will pride themselves on their kick-arse vegetarian option (other than a wedge salad without the bacon bits).  (Fogo de Chão would be a good example - their salad bar only option is ridiculously good for a meat place). 

We already know that the Hard rock Cafe will have a passable veggie-burger, and that Subway is always an option.  I'm interested in a discussion about where a vegetarian, in a foodie group should suggest we go for ribs, where we can all be happy, and I can get a decent meal while the savages have their ribs.

And maybe this should become a regular thread for herbivores (less important for Vegas).

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