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Victim of Idiot Coup (Almost)

I was almost the victim of the Idiot Coup today. Declaring 4, I held AKxx, while dummy had T98xx. I led T off the board, and my RHO hesitated somewhat and played the J. Now I found myself in the canonical Idiot Coup situation. Should I finesse next? I don't know my RHO, at least not that I could remember.

It was torture for a little bit, knowing it was a damn if I do, damn if I don't situation. Finally I decided that if I fell for the Idiot Coup, I would never live it down, so I played the K next and dropped the Q from LHO. I must admit, if I had not read about Idiot Coup here on BW, I probably would have fineseed and lost to the now bare Q. So I must thank BW for being spared the embarrassment.


BTW, I did something bad right after. I told my partner there was a name to what happened, and it was Idiot Coup. Then I realized if the opponents did not know what I was talking about, they might have thought I was calling them idiots, when I was saying I was the one who almost was the idiot. They did not react, so hopefully they understood I was not insulting them, or they did not hear what I said at all. I better be more careful next time.

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