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Virtual (pre)alert?

Teams, neither vulnerable. Dealer S. You are W. Both pairs are well-established parnerships.

The auction proceeds (1)-p-(1)-p-(p)-?

Enquiry elicits the information that opps open all 10HCP hands, and that 2 would have been a (forcing) strong jump shift.

I requested a director, since it seemed to me that if this was a common sequence, then there must be/have been (pre)alerts that would allow us to prepare for this type of auction. The director decided otherwise: S is allowed to bid whatever he chooses.

This seems superficial to me - hence the following directionless poll.

South psyched 1 (OK, but has to get recorded in big Director's Book Of Psyches?)
The pass of 1 is systematic. This makes opps' system a HUM, hence they should be drawn and quartered
The pass of 1 is systematic, because limited by failure to bid 2. 1 should be alerted and/or the method should be prealerted
Nothing happened and clearly I needed more coffee before posting this
Other - please expound

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