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Visual Creator for Hand Viewer and Play out the hand Tool

I would like to share an online tool I have created that lets you visually create hands, auction and play and then export them to a BBO hand viewer url or the code to embed in a Bridge Winners post. The tool also allows double dummy play of the hands to see how different lines would work out.

The tool can be accessed at and the instructions to use it are at

You can start from scratch to build the hands, auction and play or provide some or all of it using the same format as the handviewer url parameters. For example one of Kit Woolsey's recent articles Overly committal . You can either follow the play using the controls in the bottom or branch out and try your own line at any point. Another example is a recent post by Sartaj Hans More examples can be seen at

At  any point you can export to BBO hand viewer or Bridge Winners embed format using the Generate URL/Embed Code link on top. A couple of additional features include adding a title/general notes using the t parameter and specifying multiple lines of play with multiple p parameters. For example see Can this 3N be defeated  for 2 alternate lines of play.

Please try it out and send any comments/suggestions/bug reports etc. either via a private message on this site or an email to indianbridge at gmail dot com.



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