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#1 Vote for your favorite match in the Vanderbilt R32

We will cover at least 2 and I hope 3 or 4 matches in the Vanderbilt Round of 32 Tuesday (depends on how many people are available to be operators). You can vote for only one answer at a time, so I am going to do 3 polls, allowing you to vote for 3 matches, one in each poll (please vote for a different match in each poll), Then I will try to combine the votes and do my best to show you what the majority want to see. I'm posting these before the end of the Round of 64 Monday, so don't have team names, just numbers. You can find the teams by going to the Round of 32 Scoreboard when it is posted.

In the second half of the Round of 32, we will show the closest matches. We may be able to change matches at the 3/4 if the 3/4 scores are very different from the half time scores, but we can't always do that because of timing.

Team 1 vs Team 32
Team 2 vs Team 31
Team 3 vs Team 30
Team 4 vs Team 29
Team 5 vs Team 28
Team 6 vs Team 27
Team 7 vs Team 26
Team 8 vs Team 25
Team 9 vs Team 24
Team 10 vs Team 23
Team 11 vs Team 22
Team 12 vs Team 21
Team 13 vs Team 20
Team 14 vs Team 19
Team 15 vs Team 18
Team 16 vs Team 17

Sorry, to answer polls. Registered users can vote in polls, and can also browse other users' public votes! and participate in the discussion.

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