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VS For A Change Of Opener's Major Splinter Convention, edited version

After 1x-1major response, most of the pairs are playing so, that a double jump shift showes shortness in this suit, Splinter convention.

There is a possibility to change it to give more exact informations, but we have to jump differently (not in the short suit)

In the classic Splinter convention, the game raise promises:

balanced 5-4-2-2 hand with any strength or weak unbalanced, too weak for a splinter.

The jump to 4 in the opening suit (1♣-1-4♣) is either 4-4-3-2 or 5-4-2-2 or a 6 card suit with a 4 card major.

I would like to introduce a simple and nice solution here:

When we jump to the game, it will show a very light try to make a game:

  • nice 18-19 with a balanced hand
  • very weak unbalanced hand. (we can put this type of hands into mini Splinter convention if we use it)

Having bad 18 HCP, I suggest raising the major to level 3 only. (1♣-1-3)

We have 3 different bids to show support hand as opener, the 3NT rebid is normally natural.

We have to use Fibonacci solution to use all possible places to introduce all possible hands:

3M+1 step will show 6421, 6430or 5-4-2-2 strong hand, to that R1 asks for the shortness.


3NT: Relay, at least slam invitational, minimum 3 covers, to that: 6-4-, lower shortness, 6-4-higher shortness, 5-4-2-2

4C: Cuebid in 

4D: Cuebid in , no cuebid in 

4H: Stop, max 2 covers


The very important question, that we have single or void, comes out from the suggested relay RKC responses.

We have to put the 5-4-2-2 good hand (good 19+) to the highest step, because it describes the hand perfectly, so we don't need and have too much more place to discover more about the hand. (1C-1-3-3NT-4 should be 5-4-2-2 hand)

The 3M +2 step will show lower Splinter, like 1♣-1-4♣ and to that we can use the last bidding space as "last train" general slam try: 1♣-1-4♣-4 will show any slam interesting hand to ask 4 major with weak hand from the opener, and agreed continue with strong hand.

The 3M +3 step will show the higher splinter, like 1♣-1-4. To the higher splinter we don't have any spaces to discover the opener's hand, but we know, that he has good hand, because with weak unbalanced hand opener jumps to 4 major immediately.

I suggest giving Splinter with at least 18 HCP, having 5-4-3-1 distribution, and 20+HCP, having 4-4-4-1 distribution, because it is much more difficult to make a slam with 4-4-4-1 distribution.

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