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VS For A Change Of Opener's Major Splinter Convention

Although I am not intending to introduce my new developments because of the lack of the nice reflections, now I make an exception, with the hope, that you finally start helping me and our homepage with all possible assets. This solution of mine is already published on, some weeks ago, with very positive reflections.


After 1x-1major response, most of the pairs are playing so, that a double jump shift promises shortness, Splinter convention.

The game raise promises:

  • balanced
  • 5-4-2-2 hand with any strength
  • weak unbalanced, too weak for a splinter

The jump to 4 in the opening suit (1-1-4) is either 4-4-3-2 or 5-4-2-2 or a 6 card suit with a 4 card major.


I would like to introduce a simple and nice solution here.

When we jump to the game, it will show a very light try to make a game:

either nice 18-19 with a balanced hand or a very weak unbalanced hand.

Having bad 18 HCP, I suggest raising the major to level 3 only. (1-1-3)

We have 3 different bids to show support hand as opener, the 3NT rebid is normally natural.

We have to use Fibonacci solution to use all possible places to introduce all possible hands:

3M+1 step will show 6421, 6430or 5-4-2-2 strong hand, to that R1 asks for the shortness.


3NT: Relay, at least slam invitational, minimum 3 covers, to that:

6-4-, lower shortness,

6-4-higher shortness,



The good question, that we have single or void, comes out from the suggested relay RKC responses.

We have to put the 5-4-2-2 good hand (good 19+) to the higher step, because it describes the hand perfectly, so we don't need and have too much more place to discover more about the hand.

The 3M +2 step will show lower Splinter, like 1-1-4 and to that, we can use the last bidding space as "last train" general slam try: 1-1-4-4 will show any slam interesting hand to ask 4 major with weak hand from the opener, and agreed continue with strong hand.

The 3M +3 step will show the higher splinter, like 1-1-4. To the higher splinter we don't have any spaces to discover the opener's hand, but we know, that he has good hand, because with weak unbalabced hand opener jumps to 4 major immediately.

I suggest giving Splinter only with at least 17 HCP, having 5-4-3-1 distribution, and 19+HCP, having 4-4-4-1 distribution, because it is much more difficult to make a slam this case.


I asked kindly the staff of to feature this article, personally Jason Feldman (2 times), who already helped me to feature the "VS for when our Stayman is doubled" solution of mine (cca 4000 readers)    but he didn't response.

Maybe he was on vacation:)

I don't know, what kind of problem they have, but you are the community. When you don't do anything, I will understand from that.



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