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Vugraph at Gatlinburg Regional in 2020?

I've been pushing to have Vugraph in Bracket 1 at Gatlinburg for the last few years. The decision has already been made for 2019 - no Vugraph. There will be a meeting in Gatlinburg next week where this is an agenda item. The issues for the organizers are the logistics, safety of hand records, paying volunteers, training volunteers. I believe all of this can be handled fairly easily. Part of the meeting would be looking at logistics, e.g. placement of Vugraph table(s) etc.  I said I would find out if there was interest.

Some questions:

1) if there was Vugraph in 2020, and you were not in Gatlinburg, would you watch some sessions?

2) If you were in Gatlinburg in 2020, would you volunteer to enter the bids/cards during a Vugraph session (1pm, 7pm)? If yes, would you be willing to do it for free?

3) If you are a Vugraph commentator, would you be interested in commentating?

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If it was held in 2020, the organizers would select the match(es) most likely to appeal to the Vugraph audiences, i.e. the top players. Monday 1pm KO is random draw; after that each day would be semi-finals(s) in the afternoon and a single final in the evening.

I spoke with Jan in Memphis. She does not attend Gatlinburg. We discussed the logistics; I think it is something that could be handled.

Other comments?

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