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Waking up to your misbid on your own, before partner's alert

You pick up a hand with AKJxxx and a few side high cards. Partner passes in first hand, and while RHO is thinking about what to do, you plan your action. You decide that you would open 1 and overcall in over any of RHO's suit openings. RHO opens 1NT and you pick up the 2 bidding card almost instantly. Right as do so, you realize that it's a misbid, since you play Multi-Landy over 1NT, meaning that 2 shows a 6 card major.   Since it was a loss of concentration and not a mechanical error, you cannot retract your call. You place the bidding card on the table. Partner duly alerts and correctly explains your call as showing a 6 card major, but again, you had realized your misbid before partner's alert.

Is the fact that you misbid authorized information?

Yes, no problem
Yes, technically, but don't expect to convince the TD

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