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Was I Out of Line?

Playing yesterday in the local club where the level of play is, shall we say, unlikely to be confused with the Vanderbilt final, I defended the following hand:


The bridge gods give me sequences like my diamonds to lead, so I led the King. Declarer won the Ace, partner contributing the six playing upside-down. Declarer proceeded to lead a spade to the Jack, winning, and another back to her Ace. Rather than drawing another round of trump, she now led a heart to the four, King, and Ace. Partner thought for a moment and led a club which I won with the Ace. Thinking she had a singleton diamond, I cashed one to which both partner and declarer followed. Fearing the hearts may run, I now cashed my partner's presumed King of clubs, and she returned a low one, which declarer ruffed high. Since the Jack was coming down anyway, I pitched it to let partner in on the secret.

Declarer now drew my last trump, partner showing out, and led a heart, on which I perforce pitched a diamond. Declarer started thinking.

It dawned on me that she had not noticed me pitching the J. Unfortunately, she has no way to go wrong if she has the T. She also has no way to go right if partner has it. After thirty seconds or so, I simply said, "You either have the heart ten or you don't." Dummy now spoke up and said that I could not say such a thing. I replied that I was either conceding the balance or claiming one trick, but I didn't know which because I cannot see the relevant card. As it was, rather than call the director, declarer played it out and, as it turned out, did have the ten.

Clearly my comment would have been inappropriate if I somehow was directing my partner to the correct defense. However, at the point in question, all she had left in her hand were two hearts and a bunch of clubs which everyone else was now out of. It would have been insane to require her, for example, to pitch a heart if declarer rose with the Q and ruffed a diamond back to her hand.

My wife was embarrassed by my action, and my defense of it to dummy. I suppose I could have waited patiently while declarer puzzled over a non-existent problem. I admit that is hard for me. I welcome any comments.

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