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Was It Yet Another Missed Slam?
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Bd 1 from the 9/23/17 afternoon Common Game

N Deals None Vul










1  4 4  P

1  4 5 

I was North 

The splinter promised first or second round control of all side suits and at least 4 hearts.   E doubled the 4  call

I've been accused of abdicating captaincy in the past and may be guilty yet once again

I thought that South would be best able to count our sides tricks if he initiated RKC.  

I did believe that South held the Q

When South chose not to initiate RKC I thought he might have heart length without both top hearts and was signing off having said his all.

I still don't know why he didn't bid 4N.

It seems like we might have both been guilty of assuming that our partner ought to have known what we held:

I should? know he had good hearts and the Q

He should know that I wouldn't bid 4 without a trick source in diamonds and at least the A


South thought I had all the info I needed over his 4 call and that 5  was the bid that would have hit the mark.  If, however, 4

did promise good hearts then I had enough not to bother with 5 and should have just up and bid the slam.


Foul red suit distribution could scuttle the contract

less than 50 of the 550 odd pairs achieved 980.

I don't care, if you played the hand, or about interference auctions

I don't care about how a precision partnership could relay and ask their way to the top spot.

I DO care about whether the North hand might be too good to splinter ?!

how you would have conducted the auction 

where you think we went wrong or missed the boat.

if you agree (I do) that 4 was a good bid

who you think ought to have initiated RKC, or just up and bid the slam.


Comments re. captaincy with these kinds of explorations SOUGHT



ps  I gave fleeting consideration of opening 2N.  How reasonable or not would you consider that opening salvo?

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