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Watch 1983 TV Series “Master Bridge” on YouTube.

Master Bridge was a TV series created and produced in England. It was broadcast on Channel 4 Television in 1983. Eight top bridge international players compete in an individual tournament, changing partners each round.

They are: Omar Sharif, Rixi Markus, Martin Hoffman, Zia Mahmood, Jeremy Flint, Robert Sheehan, Jane Priday and Irving Rose.

Nicola Smith (nee Gardener) and Sammy Kehela were comperes/presenters for the show.

There are short interviews with the players in each episode.

It is almost complete, but the first few seconds of some episodes were clipped.


  • Director: David Crossman
  • Production Company: Brook Productions
  • Producer: David Elstein
  • Cast:  Nicola Smith, Sammy Kehela

In order to make this series available on YouTube, the following were contacted for permission: The producer, the production company, the broadcaster, the music arranger.

Please respect their copyright and do not reproduce without their permission. Thank you.


This is the first of three heritage projects that a group of us have been working on. The next will follow in the next few weeks.

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