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WBF Rules & Regulations

I was amused to see that the WBF has a lengthy (over 50 pages) document covering the regulations concerning doping of bridge players.

This refers to players using substances to enhance their own performance, not to sabotage the performance of the opposition.  As far as I know, neither of these has ever been a problem.  If they devoted this much time and effort to defining cheating, unethical behaviors and specifying punishments, there would be clear guidelines as what constituted proof and what actions would be taken against offenders.  As it stands now, everything is decided by ad hoc committees who must decide each issue without any universal guidelines as to what constitutes sufficient evidence and what is appropriate punishment.

The legal authorities of bridge have to decide on priorities.  Are we willing to bar entry to 1 innocent person in order to bar 3 cheats?  Should there be a gray area in which players are suspended but not permanently banned or in which specific partnerships are forbidden, although those  players are allowed to continue with other partners.

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