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Weak bridge club (ethics story, just for fun)

LHO opens 1NT and self-alerts the bid as forcing.

RHO looks at her and says, “It is not forcing”

LHO: “For this board it is forcing, partner. Please!”

RHO says “OK”, places 2 bid on the table and stares at LHO.

My partner did not put any calls on the table yet. I am hesitating for second or two, not sure to accept bid out of turn or not. Opponents continue their tango before I decided what to do.

“Partner, do you know what my bid means?” asks RHO.

“Yes, I know what it means,” replies LHO. “But I have a problem.”

Suddenly she realizes that there are opponents at the table and turns to me with question: “Could I say something?”

Both, my partner (my son) and me, are trying our best to keep straight faces, not very successful to be honest. I know, if I will open my mouth, we both will start to laugh, so I just nod.

“I have very strong hand,” saying LHO, “but I don’t like to play hearts”

“Bid 3NT”, says RHO. “I have some points.”

LHO shows 3NT bid, than both LHO and RHO return bids to bidding boxes. My partner and me do not return bids to bidding boxes, because we did not take out any bids on the first place.

Actually, I thought about doubling, but was a little scared by accuracy of their bidding communications.

As it happened there were no needs for double, down 4 vulnerable was top for us anyway.

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