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Weak NT's and Two Way Stayman - using "spare" bids

Hi All,

This question is admittedly not under-pinned by a fully formed idea, but rather, inspired by one of Kit's articles.

Imagine you play a weak (or very weak) 1NT opening.  If you want an exact range, go for 11-13 hcp*.  Further imagine the following

  • 2:  You have agreed to play this as a puppet to 2.  If responder doesn't then pass, all bids are natural and invitational unless otherwise specifically defined
  • 2:  You have agreed to play this as game forcing Stayman, after which you can, in essence, further relay and find out opener's exact shape
  • 2/2/3:  These are defined as natural, NF (you sign-off in diamonds via the 2 puppet)

You can also assume the following are likely to be true

  • 4/4:  These are defined as South African Texas
  • 4/4/5/5:  To play

This leaves 4 useful responses to 1NT which don't have an immediately allocated use

  1. 2NT
  2. 3
  3. 3
  4. 3

Question One:  What is likely to get most bang for buck in context (taking some of the load off 2 and/or 2 would be acceptable if it made sense)?

Question Two:  Going (or not going) via the puppet gives rise to some choices not always available.  For example

  • 1NT 2 2 2NT/4NT, versus
  • 1NT 2NT/4NT

It may well make sense to play one lot as invitational (to game/slam), e.g. the first, and the other as showing both minors?  But what about other less obvious sequences, such as 1NT 2 2 3NT?

Any thoughts appreciated!

Ian C

* to be potentially of use to others, I don't want to restrict this further, but in our methods, we allow MIN (11-12 hcp) 5332's, but not 5332's

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