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Weather in Philadelpia - Heard there is bad weather - Help

I am flying from Los Angeles to Philly overnight Wednesday, March 7. Leaving at 11:45 pm PT - 

Which is 3AM ET - see below.

I was in Atlantic City last week until Saturday, March 3. Flew PHL - ORD - LAX - everything went well BUT I think Manhattan had problems that were maybe headed toward Philly. 

Now I have heard? That on Wednesday night that Philly may be getting up to 12+? Inches of snow overnight Wednesday - expected? to be over by 3AM ET Thursday.

Of course, the weather might change - but I just don’t know.

Counting on the bridge community for some help - and maybe making others aware to check flights?

Just looking for info re: Philly 

Hope this is not considered “off topic” - if so - I apologize.



(Hope the temp will be comfortable in our playing space - I’m bringing layers!! - it’s 70 and sunny in Fullerton CA atm) Sigh :-)

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