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weirdest Conventions and Treatments

There have been some funny lists recently.  As a person who has played some really weird $#!+ in my day, i thought I would start up another.

For those familiar with some of my ideas, my choice to start is unexpected.  But, i once played the a cue of Opener's suit showed 3+ in that suit and was intended as natural.  A classic example might be 1C-P-1S-2C.

This, strangely, came up a lot (that part is not strange) successfully (say what???).

The context was a partner who suffered from extreme timidity in bidding.  To combat that, I persuaded her to play a light initial action system.   I also forced her to overcall with 0+ HCP, and we used a 0+ RUNT 1NT takeout.  Thus, a pass almost guaranteed length in Opener's suit, and i got good at reading the situation.

On on sequence, i overcalled at the three level with four cards in Opener's suit, sort of a law of total tricks bid, again successfully.

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