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What are the ethical obligations?

Some input would be welcome here.

Say you are a regular partnership playing at a mixed standard club -- full range from client to pro to world champ.

You play rusinow leads -- in all situations except partner's suit.

You have a  choice of ways to let the opponents know.

Say nothing on every occasion unless asked. (At the club you will score well by this strategy when non-experts dont ask you)

Alert your opponents every time a lead is made regardless of your holding. (Then you will gain occasionally when the lead is from shortness and the opponents misread it --and they will be pissed off).

Alert your opponents unless you know the lead isnt Rusinow (when your partner possesses unauthorized information)

Or do you have some other policy you'd recommend?

If you always do the same thing do the opponents have a right to complain if they lose out?

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