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What are you people? On Dope? --- Opening Lead by DUMMY

I was easily able to rule on this because I was called in time, but I am looking for comments as to what would have happened, if the players had been a bit less vigilant.

I was called to the table because the Dummy had faced a lead out of turn. I ruled that the proper player should lead and that the faced card was authorized information. If it had not been faced, but led faced down, that the proper leader could use the fact that the Dummy was apparently confused as to who was declaring at his own risk.

But what if things had gone a little farther? What if this lead out of turn had induced the partner of the player on opening lead to face all 13 of her cards? Do we treat them all (or as many as she exposes before someone catches the mistake) as penalty cards? One of my fellow directors suggested that, if this had happened, that I should invoke the "Two Stupid People" clause of Law 12C2a and either throw out the board in a team game or give both sides a 40% in a pairs game.

What get realy fun is what would happen, if the opening leader then called a card from the faced hand.


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