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What are your pet peeves?

I have a few pet peeves. I want to clarify that a pet peeve is something that is objectively harmless, but just happens to irritate me. So please don't bother telling me that I am too easily irritated, just tell me your pet peeves!

Mine are:


1. People who at the self-serve coffee lineup pour themselves a coffee, then stand there while they add milk, add sugar, stir for a while and chat with their friends, while I am next in line and just want a black coffee. 


2. People who keep picking up the new board to check the vulnerability on the previous board so they can enter the score 


3. People who tell me what awful thing their partner did in the session that just ended. Well  yes, the worst decision your partner made is probably pretty bad. I want to tell them if they were better players, they would get better partners 


4. People who play Lavinthal or similar discarding methods and then think forever because they don't have the right pitch for their methods. 


5. People who whine when they are drawn to play our team, when we are doing poorly. "how come we have to play you guys?" 

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