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What do you play over 1N (2), 1 Major?

Pretty simple question, what do you play when you open 1NT and LHO bids 2 showing 1 Major? You may assume 15-17, but I don't think it really matters.

I am going to list 2 options, and allow the pollees to pick the one that is closest to what they play.


Option 1:

X = Transfer to , 2 = , 2 = s or raise to 2NT, 2N = , 3 = Stayman, 3 = mm GF, 3M = shortness with 31(45) shape.


Option 2:

X = Stayman, 2M = Natural NF, 2N/3/3/3 = inv+ transfers


While these may not be exactly what you play, if you can, select the one that is closest.



Option 1
Option 2
Other -- Please Explain

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